Basic Obedience Dog Training

PhD Dogs’ Basic Dog Obedience Classes are geared toward teaching the importance of
educating humans on the best ways to communicate with dogs. The goal of the class is to teach how
to cue the canine partner into demonstrating the desired behaviors required by the human.

The classes are given in group, private, or in-home settings. Most classes meet one night a week
for six weeks. Check our class schedule for dates and times.

Our Approach

Laura Young teaches motivational techniques so that you can train your dog to really want to be
responsive to your cues. The basic dog obedience training covers how to train a dog the following
commands: Here, Heel, Sit, Down, Place, and Back.

Solutions to undesirable behaviors are also discussed. Students are encouraged to plan to attend
all classes and be ready for “homework” to use these techniques outside of class time to instill
and improve your communication and your dog’s obedience.

If our basic dog obedience training is the program for you, contact us to enroll in the next
class. PhD Dogs’ classes offer an approach to having fun training your dog. Come join us!


Basic Obedience

Dates: March 19 – April 23
Duration: 6 classes (6 weeks)
Time: 7 pm – 8 pm; 1-hour
Days: Tuesdays
Age: For dogs 6 months and older

Schedule: This series will be one time per week on Tuesdays.

7 pm – 8 pm
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